Picking Up the Pace

At a certain point things start happening very fast. That’s what happens with framing- one day it’s the old way (or non-existent), the next day you have the rough outlines of the new plan. Even before the demolition was complete, the carpenters were on site to begin the alterations to the framing.

The central bearing wall had to be re-framed entirely because of the extent of changes. It was all done in a day. Notice that there is no longer any wall framing between the family room in the foreground and the kitchen toward the back right side.
For comparison here, again, is a shot of the framing that was removed.
Complex angle cuts were required (and expertly executed) for the angled wall above the shower where it meets the sloping ceiling. This room used to have a flat ceiling. Now we’re going with the “cathedral” ceiling, like we did in our front room a few years ago. It does a lot for the sense of spaciousness as you enter the house. Still, don’t you think “cathedral” is a grandiose term for a sloped ceiling?
Framing in place for the slightly enlarged bathroom and coat closet
The plumber also got to work this week, installing the new waste piping. This perimeter run of the main waste pipe replaces a head banging pipe running diagonally across the work space.

The good news in all of this is that the contractor is now about two weeks ahead of schedule. We like that because we want to be able to move back in to our house before our apartment lease runs out in November. That may seem like a long way away; however, we don’t expect every week to be as action filled as this one was.

The not so good news in all of this is that the contractor is now about two weeks ahead of schedule and we have been feeling the pressure to make decisions about all sort of things. Last Saturday we were picking out plumbing fixtures. On Sunday we visited a kitchen design showroom to look at cabinets. Tuesday brought us to the appliance company to pick out the range, refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher. And on Friday we were at another cabinet showroom.

That’s a lot of shopping for a week during which we were also working our full time jobs. We’ve happily made a lot of progress. There are a few things to work out before we’ve made final decisions. Hopefully we can place the orders next week and maybe take a break before moving on to tile selections.

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