Moving Day

Yesterday was moving day.  Meg and I have taken the whole week off from our regular employment to devote ourselves to sorting, disposing, packing, and moving.  However, there has to be a day when we move our beds and start sleeping in our temporary quarters down the street, just ¾ of a mile away.  Did we hire movers to do the heavy lifting?  Not me.  I often tell the story of a long ago girl friend who asked me to help her move.  She had about six empty boxes for her stuff.  She needed twenty.  We packed my Dodge van completely full, tied her bike on the back, and filled up her car.  While our move would be bigger, I didn’t think it would be too hard for us with the help of several friends and a neighbor.

Jonathan, Craig, me, & Tim

Our neighbor, Nate, and me between loads.

We have to empty everything out of both the first and second floors of our house.  Beds, bureaus, and bookcases had to go and most will be welcome in our unfurnished apartment.  Other items, including the guest bed, china cabinet, dining room table and chairs, and half of our sectional couch needed to go to storage.  Clearly, we needed a truck.  I had figured a ten foot box truck would be sufficient.  We would load up the items for storage first, then add the apartment items. It would take one trip.  We would go to the apartment to unload what we needed, including any items we were not sure about.  Finally, we would unload the rest at the storage facility.  One trip should do it.

My estimation was about as good as my former girl friend’s.  We neglected to get a picture of the full truck- or the second full load- or the third partial load. 

Here you can see the furniture beginning to pile up in the driveway. This is just the items going into storage.

Here’s the first truck load neatly arranged in our storage unit. It was a full truckload plus a couple items carried in Jonathan’s SUV.

Following an exhausting day, we spent our first night in our apartment, lovingly named “The Outpost”.  We are looking forward to settling in, as it will be our home for the next 6 months.  But first, we have more work to do moving out of our house.

One thought on “Moving Day

  1. You were both smart to take the whole week off for this. Somehow having the move be “just” 3/4 of a mile, makes it seem easier than if it were 50 miles, but really the distance the truck goes is pretty irrelevant to the effort in packing and unpacking. The most difficult move I ever made was two blocks. Just didn’t plan well at all. Glad you had friends to help.


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